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Social Net Systems

Establishment of a system of basic safety nets

This component supports the establishment of the main elements of a national adaptive social safety net system. This system is aligned with national policies for social protection (PNPS) and food and nutritional security (PoLSAN). The design of the national safety net system is part of the national poverty reduction strategy and contributes to the consolidation and harmonization of all social safety nets in Mali.

In this component, program interventions will include:

the development of the Jigisèmèjiri Activity Management system (GAJIGI) including the cash transfer monitoring modules (including a complaint tracking module), Support Measures activities and the identification of beneficiaries of work to high labor intensity;

the extension of the Unified Social Register (RSU) to potential beneficiaries of the social safety net program which should also include all potential beneficiaries of social protection (contributory and non-contributory schemes);

technical training workshops for communities on targeting in new intervention areas (the regions, Ségou, Mopti, Tombouctou, and Gao);

the continuation of information, education and communication (IEC) campaigns, in particular the production of visibility elements (T-shirts, vests, signs, etc.) and media coverage of the various elements of the program;

Implementation of monitoring and evaluation procedures.

additional studies on the mechanisms for implementing accompanying measures, TMU, AGR and HIMO.