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The team

The Technical Unity(Unit) of Management of the project of Social Nets ( UGTFS) is the organ of coordination of the implementation of the project. Under the supervision of Minister for Finance, the UTGFS is loaded of:

To coordinate, in connection with the technical departments implied(involved) in the implementation of the Project, the realization by the profitable zones, the activities relative to the monetary transfers, the mechanisms of accompaniment, and to the projects of strengthening of capacities such as the technical support, the training and the development of management tools.

Assure the material preparation of the various meetings of the UTGFS and follow the application of the resolutions and the recommendations which will arise from it.

The UTGFS is led by a Coordinator and assisted by a number of specialists depending on the evolution of the program:

In the current state, the UTGFS consists of specialists following the following services:

a) Coordination:

The Coordinator,
The Internal Auditor
Administrative Assistant
The Secretary
b) The Administrative and Financial Service:

The Administrative and Financial Manager,
The Accounting Assistant
c) The Procurement Service:

The Specialist Procurement (SPM),
The SPM Wizard (ASPM)
PMS Assistant Secretary
d) The Money Transfer Service:

The Money Transfer Specialist (STM),
The Money Transfer Specialist Assistant (ASTM)
e) The Accompanying Measures and Adaptive Social Protection Service:

The Resilience and Adaptive Social Protection Specialist (SRPSA),
The HIMO Specialist Assistant
The AGR Specialist
f) The Monitoring and Evaluation Service:

The Monitoring Evaluation Specialist,
The Statistician Analyst
Program Information System Manager
G) Unified Social Register Service (RSU):

The RSU Manager (RRSU),
The RSU Infrastructure Manager,
The RSU Developer,
The Database Manager (DBA)
The RSU Webmaster,
The UTGFS is responsible for the proper functioning of its program and its main mission is to ensure that the implementation of the program is in accordance with the operations manual.