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Income Generating Activities

This component aims to make the subsistence smallholders and the poor and vulnerable beneficiaries of the “Jigisemejiri” TM more productive. The component will provide support to members of beneficiary households and to associations, groups and co-operative societies for the development of income-generating activities, thus providing a more stable and sustainable source of income. The component

Contingency, Emergency Response

The purpose of this component is to strengthen community assets to better withstand the shocks, disasters and risks associated with climate change.

Project management

This component concerns the management of the program. It ensures the functioning of the Technical Unit for Social Net Management (UTGFS) in accordance with the directives of the Financing Agreement, the Project Document and the Execution Manual (operating manuals and administrative, accounting and financial procedures ).

Social Net Systems

Establishment of a system of basic safety nets This component supports the establishment of the main elements of a national adaptive social safety net system. This system is aligned with national policies for social protection (PNPS) and food and nutritional security (PoLSAN). The design of the national safety net system is part of the national