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Objective of the Project

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to provide targeted cash transfers to poor and food insecure households and to help set up a national social safety net program in Mali.

With the advent of additional funding, a modification has been made to the formulation of the Project Development Objective, in order to better highlight the principles of Adaptive Social Protection (PSA).

The project’s development objectives are to increase access to targeted cash transfers to poor and vulnerable households, and to establish a national system of adaptive social protection in Mali.

Indicators of the Project Development Objective

Households having access to the money transfers implemented by the R project;

Households with access to cash transfers implemented by the project: direct cash transfers N;

Households having access to the money transfers set up by the project: public works with high labor intensity N;

Households having access to the money transfers implemented by the project: income-generating activities N;

Children aged 0-14 years receiving cash transfers R;

Direct beneficiaries of the R project;

Women beneficiaries PDC;

Beneficiary households living below the PDC poverty line;

Registration of potential beneficiaries of social safety net programs R;

Children aged 6-14 with cash transfers MARQUE P / DELPR;

Intermediate Result Indicators :

Process evaluation and impact assessment are in place and generate reliable R data;
R Project Management Fee Ratio;

A management information system is developed PDC;
The GIS system regularly produces good PDC reports;
Frequency of payments of direct money transfers R;

Proportion of targeted households that saw their consumption increase PDC;
Proportion of households targeted with a consumption score> 35 (consumption) PDC;

Children from households receiving cash transfers benefiting from PDC nutritional packages;

Beneficiary households that have been identified and registered R;
Beneficiaries meeting the requirements to enjoy PDC accompanying measures;

Temporary working days created N;
Temporary working days created: for women N;

% of beneficiaries regularly receiving payments within the agreed period for TP activities as specified in the N Operations Manual;
% of beneficiaries who feel that the TP sub-projects reflect their needs N;

% of beneficiary households who have declared that their livelihood has benefited from assets created through public works N;

% of beneficiaries who stated that they are aware of the objectives and rights of the NTP program;
% of beneficiaries receiving emergency resources within 60 days of N needs identification;

% of beneficiaries whose business plans indicate that the plans reflect their priorities, needs and capacities N;
% of beneficiaries claiming that they are aware of the objectives and rights of the IGA N program