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The Mali Arid Zone Agricultural Productivity and Diversification Project (PDAZAM) was officially launched on 12 July 2019 in the Kayes region. Here, the program will cover 2,630 households in Diéma, Nioro and Yélimané circles in social cash transfers of 15,000 FCFA per month and 1960 households in productive cash transfer of 250,000 FCFA.

The implementation of these cash transfers will be supported by accompanying measures to encourage beneficiary households to invest in health and education. The total cost of the project is estimated at 34.410 billion Fcfa.

The project area covers 12 circles in the four regions (Kayes, Koulikoro, Segou and Mopti). These regions have been identified as areas with significant untapped agricultural potential that, at the same time, lacked investment and suffered from vulnerability at the village level.

In accordance with the terms of the collaboration protocol between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the implementation of part of the project has been entrusted to the Technical Unit for the Management of the Social Safety Net Program. “Jigisemejiri” (UTGFS).

This choice is based on the experience of the “Jigisemejiri” project which, in addition to building the unified social register of Mali, carries out social cash transfers to poor and vulnerable households in several localities of the country.

Indeed, the “Jigisemejiri” social safety net program has been in existence for five years. During the first phase of its implementation, it intervened in more than 130 communes of Mali, by carrying out monetary transfers to more than 74.000 poor households and by framing more than 250.000 households on various topics of accompanying measures and by financing more than 10,000 income generating activities.

“The implementation of this project will undoubtedly significantly improve the living conditions of beneficiary households through cash transfers and the accompanying measures envisaged. I commend you all to a synergy of actions so that the expected results of the project are achieved, “said the director of cabinet of the governor of Kayes, Meïssa Fané, who presided over the ceremony.
It should be recalled that the government has institutionalized since 2013 financial assistance to poor and vulnerable households through the implementation of the National Program of Social Nets “Jigisemejiri”.

The State, with the support of the World Bank, has made the Jigisemejiri project the cornerstone of the development of its social protection system.
According to the coordinator of the “Jigisemejiri” social safety net program, Mamoud Aly Sako, the PDAZAM aims to improve the livelihoods of rural households in order to ensure their food security and offer opportunities to improve productivity. and resilience.

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