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After handing over 320 tons of cereals to the people, the head of the government presided over a meeting with the leaders of the circle who discussed problems of water, electricity, insecurity, youth employment

For the last stage of his tour in the 5th region, the Prime Minister, Boubou Cissé, was Monday in Youwarou where he has lent himself to the same exercise as in the other localities visited. Accompanied by a strong delegation of members of the government and his collaborators, the Prime Minister was greeted upon his arrival by the political and administrative authorities of Youwarou.

He then visited the village chief Ibrahima Sory Thiaw, to whom he explained the purpose of his visit, before attending the symbolic cash transfer to ten beneficiaries of the “Jigisemejiri” social safety net program. A program that aims to put in place targeted cash transfers for poor and food insecure households.

The national coordinator of the program, Mohamed Ali Sacko, said that in Youwarou, 462 households are receiving their cash transfers due to CFAF 120,000 per household for a total of 55 million CFA francs.

The Prime Minister then handed 320 tons of cereals to the people, before chairing a meeting with all the forces of the circle. During this meeting, the representative of Cafo (Coordination desassociations and feminine NGOs of Mali) indicated that it is thanks to the presence of a military camp in the city that women manage to carry out some income-generating activities. “Youwarou’s women are gardening and processing local products,” she said, while seeking the support of the NGO Agir of the First Lady Keïta Aminata Maïga to the women of Youwarou who live in poverty, because they have no microfinance structure where they can have loans. Overall, the concerns expressed by the population relate to the problem of water, electricity, insecurity, youth employment.

POSITIVE REVIEW – Dr. Boubou Cissé first conveyed the greetings of the President of the Republic to the people of Youwarou. He expressed his concern for the situation they are going through, adding that he is on tour in the Mopti and Ségou Regions for the return of peace.

According to the Prime Minister, this visit has already produced good news with the signing of peace agreements in Macina and Djenné. As a result, the people of Macina testified that their animals began to cross the river, which had not been possible for three years.

The head of the government paid tribute to the governors, prefects, sub-prefects and the military who are doing the work of the state, while inviting the people to help them in this direction. He promised that all the concerns highlighted by the people will be taken care of.

In addition, Dr. Boubou Cissé has assured Youwarou’s women that he will find tips for the local military to pay for the products they are processing. He promised to discuss concerns related to electricity, water, agriculture, access to fertilizers.

The Prime Minister has judged that the results of this tour is quite positive. “There is a certain desire on the part of all the communities and localities we have visited to move towards peace, security in the Mopti Region and everywhere in Mali. The dynamic is underway and is being encouraged by the government and the President of the Republic, “said Boubou Cissé who then said that people have expressed to him various concerns for which the authorities are in the process to find quick solutions. According to him, for peace and security to return, people must be able to live in tranquility, without the worry of eating for tomorrow, carry out activities that can generate the minimum income for them to meet their needs. the most basic.
For the Prime Minister, the first answers given by the government were welcomed. This is the free food distribution campaign. According to him, the Mopti Region benefited from 6000 tons of food distributed among the eight circles.

“Every locality where vulnerable populations have been identified has benefited from it and has certified it. This allowed them to be in a positive state of mind. Also, it created a glimmer of hope for all the populations we met, “he added.

Another device that the head of the government talked about is the project “Jigisemejiri” in Youwarou, whose objective is to help certain vulnerable sections of the population to have minimum capital and working capital to design activities that can bring them back revenues. In Youwarou, he says, a little over 460 people have benefited and each of them received the equivalent of 120,000 FCFA.

For Dr. Boubou Cissé, “this positive and encouraging assessment should not make us forget that the situation remains fragile”. He promised to continue the work to convince both sides to give up their arms, to enter a process of peace, cohesion and development for the benefit of all Malian populations. Before leaving Youwarou, the Prime Minister shared a meal with the soldiers in their camp. It was late yesterday morning that Dr Boubou Cissé left Mopti.

Dieudonné DIAMA

Source: L’Essor