• Bamako, Hamdallaye ACI 2000 Rue 329 Porte 120
  • +223 20 22 16 15 / +223 20 22 16 17
  • contact@jigisemejiri.org
  • Mahmoud Ali SAKO, Coordinator of the "Jigisemejiri" Program

    The Work Program and Annual Budget (AWPB 2021) was designed after a year 2020 marked by the exacerbation of socioeconomic crises and the slowdown in economic activity due to the disease of COVID 19. The AWPB 2021 is Inspired by the AWPB 2020, most of the non-implemented activities of which have been renewed. It also takes into account the two-year period remaining before the closure of the Program, to accelerate the implementation of certain activities essential to the success of the Program. (more…)


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Jigisemejiri in numbers

Households receiving cash transfers by age group

  • For IDA
  • PGFS

Households receiving cash transfers as a source of financing

  • IDA Fund
  • Government Program (PGFS)
  • Additional Funding 1
  • Additional Funding 2